Difference Between a Grade 2 Electrician and an Ordinary Electrician

Learn the different job responsibilities of a Grade 2 electrician and an ordinary electrician. It will help you to understand who to call when in need. Read below to know about it in detail.

Most people tend to think that a Grade 2 electrical contractor and an electrician is the same. Whereas, the fact is something else; neither do they share the same job responsibilities nor do they have the same degree or license. Their job roles are different from one another, if not entirely, mostly. An ordinary electrician works as an entity but a level 2 electricians is usually employed by a company. A grade 2 electricians is the skillful tradesperson who installs, repairs, designs and maintains the electrical systems and materials used in residential factories, residential homes, and factories.

The issues related to electricity are quite sensitive and shouldn’t be managed by someone who is not trained properly or doesn’t hold the necessary license and qualification. Even statistics also show that the major cause behind house fires is electricity. Therefore, when in doubt call a Grade 2 electrician as they are trained and qualified to different types of electric related works that a simple electrician can’t do. There are tons of works that an ordinary electrician is not authorized to do. Look below to have a brighter picture of those tasks.

Here is the list of tasks performed by a Level 2 Electrician:

  • Meter Installation
  • Disconnection  and Reconnection the power supply
  • Overhead and underground power supply
  • Repairing
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrading a single phase to the three-phase power

If you need help with any of the above issues and you want these issues to be solved in the best way possible then, connect with a Grade 2 electrician to receive the most resourceful power and electric supply. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any confusion regarding the job role of a Level 2electrical contractor and an electrician as their job responsibilities are quite different from each other.