All That You Need To Know About Level 2 ASP Sydney

Get the idea of different works performed by Level 2 ASP Sydney so that you can identify the issue easily and connect with the professional when you require it. Look below to have a piece of detailed information about the Level 2 contractors.

Accredited Service Provider or ASP’s are licensed as well as trained to deliver maintenance, extensive installation, repairs required to underground and overhead service lines between your property and power network in the street. Basically, it’s a trade service that you must count in an emergency situation. There are many people who get confused between a Level 2 ASP and regular electrician, they tend to think that a regular electrician will easily be able to do the works of a Level 2 ASP. However, the fact is every Level 2 Electrician contractor has adequate knowledge and certification to go ahead with this particular job role, an ordinary electrician who doesn’t hold any certification or knowledge would never be able to perform the tasks of a Level 2 contractors.

Have a look below to have an idea about the tasks conducted by the Level 2 ASP contractors:

  • Installation and removal of electricity metering equipment
  • Installation of steel poles
  • Relocation of point of attachments
  • Underground and Overhead wiring systems from the network
  • Metering and Energizing
  • Service line reconnect and disconnect
  • Provide power upgrades
  • Deliver temporary power supply
  • Installation and connection of private A poles
  • Switchboard relocation etc.

To ensure the safety and quality of the electrical networks you need to appoint a Level 2 ASP electrician who runs under the ASP scheme. As they have gone through the vigorous qualification procedure, they are legally authorized to perform any of the above-mentioned tasks. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are appointing a professional Level 2 ASP electrician contractor instead of a regular or an ordinary electrician to work on such tasks or else it can actually cause a huge disaster. Hence, it is recommended to seek help from the group of renowned company to get quality work at an affordable range.